When you purchase the USA Fire Departments Full Listing (All in one for $400), you pay only $0.01 for each Fire Department address. This is really the best option and you save more than $380 (compare to purchasing each state separately).

You can purchase each State Listing separately (only $0.03 for each Fire Department Address). However some information (such as Email addresses, Phone, Fax ...) is only available for the USA Fire Departments Full Listing.

USA Fire Departments Full Listing

Each State Listing


26.500+ Fire Departments

2.159+ Email Addresses

In this Excel file you will get for each Fire Dept:

  • Name of Fire Department
  • Full address for mailing
  • Phone
  • Fax (when available)
  • Type of Fire Department (Career, Volunteer...)
  • Organization (Federal, Local...)
  • Number Of Fire Stations
  • Number Of Active Firefighters
  • Career
  • Number Of Active Firefighters
  • Volunteer
  • Number Of Active Firefighters
  • Paid per Call
  • Number Of Non-Firefighting
  • Civilian - Number Of Non-Firefighting
  • Volunteer
  • Email Addresses available for some States

26.500+ Fire Departments

No Email Addresses

All Excel Files include:

  • Fire Dept Name
  • Address
  • Mail City
  • Mail State
  • Mail Zip
  • County
  • Dept Type
  • Number Of Stations

$400 for all USA Fire Departments

You will be able to download right away

You will get one large Excel file with all the USA Fire Departments information + separate excel files for emails (one email listing per US State).

from $0.36 to $53.31 per State

You will be able to download right away

You will get the Excel file(s) for the State(s) that you have purchased.

30 Days Refund Policy:

Only if you are unable to download the file(s) due to our error.